Prof. Seffi Naor

Department of Computer Science, Technion

Email: naor@cs.technion.ac.il

Office:  Taub 630
Phone: +972 (4) 829-4328


Academic Degrees

  • 1987: Ph.D.Computer Science DeptHebrew University, Jerusalem 91904, Israel.
    Advisor:  Prof. Eli Shamir
    Thesis: Algorithms in Parallel and Distributed Systems             
  • 1983: M.Sc.Computer Science DeptHebrew University, Jerusalem 91904, Israel.
    Advisor:  Prof. Shmuel Peleg
    Thesis: The Applications of Fractals in Texture Analysis.
  • 1981: B.A. (cum laude), Computer Science Dept., Technion Haifa 32000, Israel.

Academic Appointments

  • 1991 – present
    Professor, Computer Science Dept., Technion, Haifa 32000, Israel.
  • 2005 – 2007
    Visiting Researcher, Theory Group, Microsoft Research, Redmond 98052, WA.
  • 1998 – 2000
    Member of the Technical Staff, Bell labs, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill 07974, NJ. 
  • 1988 – 1991
    Post-doctoral Fellow, Computer Science Dept., Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305.
  • 1987 – 1988
    Post-doctoral Fellow, Computer Science Dept., University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089
  • 1981 – 1987
    Teaching Assistant, Computer Science Department, Hebrew University, Jerusalem 91904, Israel.


  • Algorithms 1Algorithms 2, Approximation Algorithms, Advanced Algorithms.

Graduate Students – M.Sc.

  • Yael Abarbanel, graduated in 1993. Thesis: Dynamic Graph Algorithms.
  • Boaz Tamir, graduated in 1994. Thesis: k-Connected Graph Partitions and Approximation Algorithms for Covering Problems.
  • Ari Freund, graduated in 1998. Thesis: On-line Assignment with Load Balancing.
  • Liane Lewin-Eytan, graduated in 2001 (joint with Ariel Orda). Thesis: Routing and Admission Control in Networks with Advance Reservations.
  • Roy Schwartz, graduated in 2003. Thesis: Circular Arrangements.
  • Shimon Landa, graduated in 2005. Thesis: Combinatorial Approximation Algorithms for the Fractional Set-Cover Problem.

Graduate Students – Ph.D.

  • Leonid Zosin, graduated in 1997. Thesis: Relaxed Multi-Commodity Flow and its Applications to the Design of Approximation Algorithms.
  • Yigal Bejerano, graduated in 2000 (chief advisor: Israel Cidon). Thesis: Efficient Mobility Management Schemes For Personal Communication Systems.
  • Anna Moss, graduated in 2001 (joint with Yuval Rabani). Thesis: High Profit for Low Cost: Approximation Algorithms in Node-Weighted Graphs.
  • Ari Freund, graduated in 2002. Thesis: On-line and Off-line Approximation Algorithms for Various Resource Allocation and Scheduling Problems and for the Multiway Cut Problem.
  • Julia Chuzoy, graduated in 2004. Thesis: Hardness of Approximation and New Approximability Classes.
  • Dudu Amzallag, in progress, passed candidacy exam (joint with Danny Raz).
  • Liane Lewin-Eytan, in progress, passed candidacy exam (joint with Ariel Orda).
  • Niv Buchbinder, in progress, passed candidacy exam.
  • Roee Engelberg, in progress, passed candidacy exam.
  • Gabriel Scalosub, in progress, passed candidacy exam (joint with Adi Rosen).
  • Roy Schwartz, in progress.